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           Scince 1995  LIMS puts its target to contribute in Egyptian Scientific community, this was translated by a number of successful projects that LIMS is proud to have a good & successful help and support in those major valuable projects.


One of those important Egyptian projects is the Egyptian Universities Library (EUL) consortium.


EUL (Egyptian Universities Library) is the first library consortium of Academic and Research libraries in Egypt. Currently it includes 12 Public Academic Universities in Egypt, which means it serves about 75% of researchers and scientist in Egypt. It is funded by Egyptian Universities ( under the Supreme Council of Universities) & the ICTP project ( Information and Communication Projects in Higher Education).

The EUL project consists of two main components:

  1. Establishing a Consortium for E-Resources.
  2. Establishing a Union Catalogue for Egyptian Universities Libraries.

In the year 2005 the EUL web portal was first launched to serve Egyptian universities and higher education community. The Egyptian Universities Libraries consortium (EUL) web portal became the main access gateway to EUL contents and services provided to Egyptian universities and higher education community. This web portal includes the initiative of the first component which deals with Access to E-journals & E-books.

Currently the project provides access to more than 22,000 e-journals (Bibliographic & Full Text) that covers most of the interested fields for the members of the Egyptian academic community. More journals and databases will be added in the near future.
Instead of having access through different publishers' platforms,  the main goal of the project is to enhance access to E-resources by Egyptian Scientists.
Through the last 5 years the EUL web portal reflects higher reliability and increasing usage reports that indicates the importance of services introduced through it.

Through years until today, the EUL web portal became the reliable and integrated solution for researchers, as during those years a lot of new resources and functionalities has been added to the portal.


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