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Consolidation Services



Each day you receive separate journal shipments from a multitude of publishers around the world. All those processing tasks (unwrapping, checking in, distributing and archiving) can be incredibly time-consuming taking up to 15 minutes per issue. With a 5% missing issue average, you can easily spend another 30 minutes submitting claims to publishers.

By choosing Consolidation Service, you put the entire process into professional hands, saving you time, money and frustration. LIMS sends you your issues through our service distribution centers in the U.S., London and Cairo, where we check in, label, process and consolidate them into one single shipment before sending them on to you at the desired intervals.

  All the receipt features you need:
  Single shipment of journals.
  Online monitoring of shipment information and claims.
  Automatic claiming.
  Shipment tracking and tracing.
  Status reports & packing lists.

Customized options: journal packages bundled for specific departments, date & name stamping, security strips and circulation lists.

  3 consolidation sites worldwide (USA., U.K., Cairo).
  24-hour turnaround
LIMS Consolidation Service gives you complete control. Each shipment arrives with detailed delivery information and a packing list. Through SCIS- Serial Control Information Software you can easily monitor full, real-time shipping details, claim status and publication information. You receive regular customized reports with an overview of all the journals received, claims being processed and publication dates for titles not yet received.

  Experience and expertise
Our dedicated and experienced consolidation teams work closely with the world’s major shipping agencies to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Our expertise guarantees the effective and prompt delivery of all your journals – a cost-effective alternative to direct supply that you and your colleagues will appreciate from day one.