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  LIMS works with a variety of publishers in the printed journals subscriptions

Print subscription management makes LIMS information services your single point of contact for acquiring and managing all your business and professional subscriptions.

LIMS print subscriptions management cuts through your workload by providing you with a single point of contact for all your subscription management needs. and along with our core subscription management service.

LIMS offers you a total approach to managing your print subscriptions. It's a much simpler way to work rather than having a deal with many suppliers, possibly spread all over the globe, you liaise with just one.

LIMS Provides a complete shipping & consolidation services for printed journals & Books in cooperation with major shipping companies.
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  Academic Researchers, Clinicians, Students, Information Managers. All kind of people depends on e-journals to provide them with the information they need to tackle their scientific needs in all fields of life.

LIMS provides the easiest way to access thousands of e-journals containing millions of articles from hundreds of different respectable and highly reputed publishers.

LIMS provides the state of technology that helps you to:

- Perform your search in a precise & more effective way.
- Facilitate your ability to own, manage & maximize benefits from your Electronic resources.
- Provides and supports Industry-leading search technology.
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